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5 Benefits of Secure Document Destruction for Your Business

Business privacy and identity theft breach is not just limited to the internet. Documents with sensitive data could be susceptible to being stolen just by cleaning out your office trash. If you’re not getting rid of sensitive documents when you no longer requirement for them, you may be putting your business at risk.

One of the most effective methods to safely destroy sensitive documents is shredding them.

If your company is in possession of documents which contain the following information, it is recommended to look into secure document destruction services in order to ensure security of data and to ensure compliance.

Record of expenses and income
Tax information
Information on training
Confidential information about employees or clients
Innovative and sensitive company ideas
Social Security number
Number of the driver’s license
The credit card number
Diagnostic and treatment information

Find out the five main advantages of document destruction that is secure:

You can be sure of Data Security & Compliance

Secure shredding of documents protects against data theft and assures that your company is in conformity to State and Federal laws.

Some businesses are able to shred their own documents. This is usually small, strip-cut shredders which aren’t as safe as industrial shredding. By properly destroying sensitive data documents, industrial shredding can help your company to avoid legal actions.

Enhance Productivity

Engaging a business to provide destruction of documents can save you time and cash. Companies who shred their own documents employ employees, which hinders them from completing their normal duties. When you outsource shredding services and ensuring that your employees don’t be tasked with managing and maintaining shredders, and can have the time they require to concentrate on their core competencies.


The majority of shredding service providers provide destruction on or off-site offering businesses the choice to pick the one that best fits their requirements. Higher Information Group offers the below shredding options:

Secure mobile shredding trucks are able to visit your site for convenient shredding while you enjoy.
Shredding bins and consoles that are secure that are provided to your company with regular pick-ups for destruction off-site.
A large number of services offer the convenience of converting your confidential documents into digital files before they are securely destroyed.
Other options include destruction of hard drives as well as multimedia destruction and much more.

Resilient to the environment

Shredding your confidential documents to a trusted third party improves the working environment by removing office clutter, which allows you to keep a an organized and clutter-free office. Also, it keeps your business green by reducing your waste volume, your electricity consumption and also the carbon footprint of your business.

Implementing a safe shredding program is also sustainable because it gives the environment a double benefit of recycling and shredding. The research shows that 200lbs of recycled paper can save nearly two trees, and leads to the reduction of energy costs and also reduces pollution to the air!

Third-Party Verification & Peace of Mind

Employing professional shredding services provides your business security of knowing that all sensitive documents have been safely destroyed. By using shredding services you can ask for an Certification of Destruction or an electronic video showing your documents being destroyed conforming to the standards of the industry.

No matter how big or small, safeguarding confidential information is crucial for personal and business security. Contact the shred department at Higher Information Group today to reduce clutter in your office and safeguard your information!

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