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Importance of a Good Website for a Business

When creating a website for your business , or redesigning your existing website You may be contemplating what web design is and what makes it great. How can you decide that, and also how do assure that you’re covering all the important design rules?

The reality is that web design and development is more than just looking pretty. It’s one of the most significant factors contributing to the quality of user experience. an enjoyable or bad experience when browsing your website directly affecting the overall impression you give your brand.

We talk about the need to consider investing in a great web design Lytham. We also discuss how the design can continue to serve you for years to be.

Why is Web Design Important?

It’s not a stretch when claim that web design could make or break your business. Do you doubt us? We’ll let the stats tell the story. 75% of people say that they make snap judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website design.

If that by itself does not convince you to seek out an agency that offers professional web design, then read on to learn about the numerous advantages of having a good website and the disadvantages of a poorly designed one.

Importance of a Good Website for a company

There are numerous benefits of having a modern, beautiful, and easy-to-navigate website. Here are just a handful of the best advantages.

Important Benefits of having a Great Web Design

Gives a Good First Impression
Helps You to Rank on Search Engines like Google
Your Credibility is portrayed as credible and Approachable
Helps Get Leads and convert sales
You’ll Be able to Compete with the Competitors
Creates a Personal Brand

What is the best website?

A website that is successful has all the elements, and this results in rewards such as leads to sales, leads, or page views. Whatever metrics you wish to measure, getting the design right for your website will help you achieve the goals.

Good Website Design Principles

Online experiences are a window into your company’s operations, therefore good website design is ultimately what will give your visitors the best experience possible with your company’s brand. But you can adhere to a few common rules to ensure that you are with the right path.

Here are the most crucial web design principles that you should be aware of.

7 Key Website Design Principles

Here are some of the factors that make up a good website design.

UI/UX and Website Layout Design

The layout and design of websites should not only look great, but it must also fulfill a function. 77 percent of the agencies think that a poor website customer experience (UX) will be considered a problem for their clients. So even when they get the visual elements such as colours and fonts they may be destroying the hard work they put into it with an unsatisfactory user experience!

It is imperative to always go back to what the user is likely to observe and experience. What makes a website great is the ease with which they navigate and find the information they are seeking. If the process takes too long or appears overwhelming, they will close the browser on your site.

Our attention spans are incredibly small nowadays, so make sure that the most crucial information is displayed for everyone to see.

Responsive Mobile Website Design

Consider the frequency you check out content on your phone. How many websites have you opened on your mobile? You’ve probably landed on an online site where we had to scroll or pinch to make the content accessible. It’s not worth the effort!

Statistics show that 85% of adults believe that a website should look as great on mobile as on their desktop. What does this mean to your website’s design?

Then, you must ensure that your display adapts to the pixel width of the device that you are viewing the website on which could be a desktop, smartphone, or iPad. Be sure to ensure that your website is mobile-responsive before you go live.

Quality Content Quality Content: Imagery, Copy, and Videos

One of the most common mistakes companies make is to use images that are too large on their website. The result is uncomfortably slow loading websites as well as images which take forever to load. Studies suggest that 39% of people are likely to leave your site when images don’t load or take too long to load.

Even if you’ve got the photos right however, you should look into adding video. The average customer is ten times more likely with a video than images therefore why not take advantage of this?

Copy is another element to a website that people don’t pay enough focus on. When you have poorly written or jargon-filled copy It will not be a hit with your clients. It’s going to make them laugh! Make copy part of the design with short headlines, subheadlines and paragraphs with a short length which are clear and to the essentials. Remember that readers will skim and skim, not read through in depth Therefore, make sure they are able to notice something that grabs their interest.

Call to Actions (CTAs)

What is the purpose of your site? Yes, you want to make a trustworthy, positive first impression. However, you want visitors to take action! For this, you need to remind them and assist users to follow through with CTAs or Call to Actions or CTAs. They can be the Read More, Download Now Contact Us and more. These are the buttons you will see on a website.

SEO Traffic

A website that’s supported by a well-established SEO strategy, and is structured to reflect the strategy, is more likely to draw in the right, qualified, and free traffic. You want your website to be discovered since it gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers without having to hunt them down.

A website can be created using SEO principles in the base of the site and it will prevent the necessity to come back in the future to fund unnecessary restructuring and upgrades.

Credibility as Social Proof

There is so much fake news and low-quality brands out there. And, as a result it’s a real struggle to filter through all of these in order to identify the best of the crop (you). When a potential client is on your site You want to give them an extra push with social proof like case studies, testimonials, etc.

Brand Identity and Consistency

It’s amazing how many businesses do not have a Brand Guide outlining their selected colors, fonts, etc. If you’re among those, your website is an excellent starting point!

It is essential to ensure that the information you post on your website is reflected on all other channels for business which includes social media. This consistency in branding makes your business easily recognisable and increases its credibility. Create your Brand Guide and website done first, and everything else will come naturally.

What can a bad website design do to Harm My Business?

As a fast-growing web design agency We’ve been creating high-performance websites for several years to this day. We’ve been there (that’s what we like to think of it) to make sure that our clients’ websites are in good shape after they have done a great deal of damage to their credibility. They’ve had a decrease in sales, low quality results from search engines, poor reviews, and much, many more because of an unprofessional web design or performance.

We believe you can always come back around, and that there is never a bad time to begin new!

How to Choose a Web Design Agency

When selecting a design firm, you must to be certain that you do not make a choice that isn’t the top.

There are many stages in the process of creating a professional website. So, the web design company you work with must understand all the intricacies of web design and development and web design and marketing.

Contact us today for any of our website design services and we’ll ensure that your website’s design is beautiful and help you meet your goals for business.