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The 6 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

Are you trying to sell more items? Email and social media platforms are overrun with businesses that are trying to do exactly the same thing. There’s a lot of people on these platforms, and the costs are expensive and people are constantly scrolling through your website’s content.

What can you do to get more sales in this setting?

Other strategies for marketing definitely can be used to promote your Shopify store However, If you’re looking for genuine engagement that will result in cash into your account at the bank, then SMS marketing is the best way to take.

Between browsing Instagram or responding to work emails, or taking a few selfies, your customers are busy. Bulk SMS messages can make it easy to make contact to these shoppers who are distracted in a matter of a few clicks of the button.

If you’re still trying to convince yourself of the advantages of mass SMS marketing These six benefits of SMS can make you go for it.

1. Affordability

As the company grows as a Shopify business, you must to keep costs as low as you can. While ROI will be contingent on your brand, industry and the customers you serve You can anticipate to generate more sales via SMS marketing than you would from any other program.

It will cost you the equivalent of a pound to advertise your business via advertising on paid Instagram or Google advertisements. Marketing via email is an effective option that’s inexpensive, but it’s not the most cost-effective option. If you’re looking for value, the bulk SMS marketing could yield five times the ROI. The bottom line is that you can get more value for your money through SMS-based campaigns.

2. More Engagement with Customers and Conversions

What did you last have replied to an email sent by a brand? Most likely never, isn’t it?

Sixty percent are able to read text messages within 5 minutes after receiving it. Additionally, they’re 134 percent more likely to respond to an SMS message from your company than to an email. Due to this, it’s a lot more likely you’ll actually make a sale using SMS.

Customers aren’t checking email in the same way as they do the messages they receive via SMS. If you’re advertising a limited-time sale or lightning sale consumers will get your messages on SMS and have plenty of time. By using this method you’ll know that your message won’t be languishing in the inbox of a different person and not being read. And, even more importantly, it’s not sitting in their trash or spam folder.

3. Personalized messages

Eighty percent of consumers believe they are more likely to purchase a product if they receive a customized experience. Yes, you can personalize your emails however, SMS messages are also flexible. In conjunction with their instantaneousness and high engagement rate they are the ideal method to attract more buyers.

With the bulk SMS advertising campaign, it is possible to are able to personalize on a large the scale. Utilize a SendMode solution to include your customer’s name, information from their most recent purchase or discount code, as well as any other custom fields to make the message more personal.

Be aware that personalization is only dependent on the data you collect. Be sure to collect enough pertinent data to provide your customers the advantages of personalizing their SMS.

4. Reducing Distractions (and competition)

Platforms such as Facebook or Google are paid-to-play platforms. They’re already costly and, if you take into account with the reality that people are able to scroll through your content without thinking about it and without a second thought, they do not make sense for an online store like a Shopify store. Bulk SMS marketing allows you the ability to communicate with customers in a cleaner environment.

75% of consumers want to receive text messages from brands they trust, and yet, very few companies use bulk SMS for their benefit. Don’t invest in costly platforms that have low engagement. Be ahead of your competition by connecting with your customers through more interactive channels such as SMS.

5. Simple Installation

It’s not necessary to be a professional in marketing to make use of bulk SMS also. With the help of SendMode, you’ll be up and running in just a couple of minutes. Set up rules and triggers that generate bulk emails instantly, so you’ll have only one thing you need to think about each day. With the flexibility of payment options and a simple dashboard you’ll be able to bypass the initial learning curve and make connections with more customers.

6. Lower barriers to delivery

Do not be concerned about the spam folder once more. If shoppers have opted into your list and haven’t flagged your email as spam and your messages are able to be delivered to your customers. It’s still important to ensure that your messages aren’t excessively frequent and offer shoppers worth, but so you’ve got them to opt in your list, you’ll face less problems with the delivery of mass SMS marketing.

Get the Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS marketing offers the benefits of email but the ability to engage with texting. These campaigns can appear a bit unpersonal when you take the proper strategy, they can assist you in reaching customers in a matter of a couple of clicks of the button. When you change to mass SMS marketing, you’ll reap these advantages, as well as spending less time managing your business.