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Guide to Thule Roof Rack Crossbars

Thule roof rack crossbars for crossbars are the preferred items of enthusiastic drivers. These innovative storage solutions enable individuals to bring along the equipment they require to get the most of their journeys.

This is a information source for the Thule roof rack crossbars.

What are Thule Roof Rack Crossbars?

Thule is a company which makes several of the well-known roof racks available. Thule roof racks as well as the wide array of rooftop accessories made by the company are a popular choice for people who love all things outdoors, from carrying luggage onto their vehicle and roofs to create extra room in the cabin.

Roof rack crossbars connect to the roof of your vehicle. They allow you to put larger objects or even containers of smaller objects outside of your vehicle. They are used to serve a variety of reasons such as:


A major and appealing characteristics of Thule roof crossbars for racks is their customizable nature. They let you prepare your vehicle to be specifically suited for the kinds of adventures you like going on. The modular style of the next generation of Thule crossbars is why they are sought-after products for those who lead active lives.

Different types of Thule Roof Rack Crossbars

For many drivers, crossbars for roof racks serve as a base for roof accessories, with different purposes. To fully benefit from these roof racks it is essential to first select the right crossbars for your roof rack.

Thule has a range of crossbars for roof racks to pick from:

Thule SquareBar Series

The most affordable model can be found in that of the Thule SquareBar series. Like their name implies, they SquareBar crossbars have rectangular ones that extend across your car’s roof. But, they’re not only the bars themselvesyou’ll also require an option for them to be connected to the roof rails. To do this, you’ll require foot packs.

Thule Evo WingBar Series

The next step in terms of cost will be Thule Evo WingBar. Thule Evo WingBar series. These are sleeker versions of the crossbars manufactured by Thule that are designed to boost aerodynamics.

Thule AeroBlade Edge Series

One of the best-selling choices for Thule roof crossbars for racks includes Thule AeroBlade Edge. Thule AeroBlade Edge series. They are racks with a low profile which seamlessly integrate with your vehicle’s roof. This kind of Thule roof rack crossbar is ideal for roofs that have track rails that are flush with the sides or side rails.

Each type of Thule crossbars for roof racks can support up to 75 kilograms or the equivalent of 165 pounds. The last two choices come with T-tracks that let you more easily connect and take off accessories.

What to Consider When Choosing Thule Crossbars for Roof Racks

The Thule website has a useful tool that lets you provide information about your vehicle to recommend roof racks that may be suitable for you.

Before you decide on the Thule rooftop rack, look at the roof your car has. Rooftops with side rails that are raised with gaps between them as well as the roof are able to accommodate an array of crossbar types. Rooftops with tracks or rails which are set flush against or within the roof may require more sophisticated equipment, like aeroblades like the AeroBlade Edge.

While shopping at the store, keep in mind that some items require other items prior to being capable of using them. For instance, you may see complete roof rack systems available for sale, which include everything you require for installing. Additionally, you can find parts of the Thule crossbar for roof racks which require purchase of things like kit for feet or Thule One-Key lock before you can use the racks.

Another thing to keep in mind while searching for the Thule crossbars is what ways you’d prefer to modify them later on. If you’re planning on adding a surfboard to your crossbars, ensure that the crossbars will work with the carrier, or reverse the order prior to making the purchase.

Installation Guide for Thule Roof Bars on Racks

Disclaimer: The information in this article are general in nature and are not meant to substitute instructions for your particular vehicle. Check your repair manual or owner’s manual prior to attempting repairs.

How you put in the Thule crossbars on your roof depends on the type of roof your vehicle is equipped with. The type of vehicle you have, whether it has raised sidebars, tracks with integrated and fixed-point attachment points and so on will determine the kind of Thule crossbar you are able to install.

When you know the type of roof your car is equipped with and you purchase the right foot kit or the entire Thule crossbar kit, just adhere to the directions that came with the specific Thule product. You might also wish consult your owner’s guide for more details and directions specific to your particular roof design.

When you’ve got installed your Thule Roof Rack Crossbars mounted You can utilize them to secure your items or an additional Thule system. Like we mentioned earlier there are a lot of options to pick from.

The variety of ways you can personalize the look of your Thule crossbars for your roof goes on. This flexible cargo management system lets you transform your vehicle into the ideal vehicle to go on as well as your travels.