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Is CBD Skincare Worth The Hype?

If you’re keeping up with the latest fashions in skincare, CBD is one of the most popular ingredients that are currently being used. CBD is present in a myriad of products today: CBD oil, supplements as well as ointments and other products! If you’ve ever wondered what the most well-known ingredient is and what it does in your body, we’re here to provide the facts.

What exactly is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an ingredient inside the Cannabis plant. The ingredient that is used in skincare is usually made from hemp or manufactured in a laboratory environment.

CBD is available in a myriad of products ranging from ingestible supplement to topical CBD balms and creams to soothe muscles that are sore. There are more and more brands that are beginning to come out with CBD products for skin care to reap the benefits of the potent ingredient.

What exactly do you use CBD employed in skincare?

When you review the list of ingredients of the ingredient list of a CBD cosmetic, you’ll probably see Cannabidiol (CBD) on the list of ingredients. Unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not have the psychoactive component that makes you feel “high.”

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Things to look out for

CBD amount the amount of CBD contained in a particular product may vary too. For instance, Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum has 500 mg CBD, however the ELF CBD Facial Oil has 100 mg of CBD. This reveals the amount of CBD in the product as well as the percent that are active components. Like most ingredients, stronger does not always mean better! It’s crucial to figure out the right amount for your needs.

Type of CBD There are three major kinds of CBD Broad spectrum, full spectrum spectrum and isolating.

Full spectrum CBD refers to a kind of CBD that has all the beneficial substances that are found in cannabis plants that are terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids. Full spectrum contains only a small amount (legal limit of 0.3 percent) of THC.

Broad spectrum CBD is similar to full spectrum CBD, except that it does not contain THC.

CBD Isolate, which is CBD’s most potent form of CBD, is the most pure version of CBD and is free of any of the other chemicals found in cannabis.

Every person’s skin and requirements differ, so you need to find the kind of CBD that is suitable for your needs.

Hemp oil is different from Hemp seed oil CBD oil can be known as hemp oil. A key distinction is hemp seed oil isn’t the equivalent to hemp oil. Hemp seed oil is derived from the hemp plant’s seeds that do have no CBD.

If you’re in search of the best CBD product, search for hemp/CBD oil or CBD extract on the list of ingredients. CBD is commonly used in cosmetics such as cosmetic oils or a CBD cream.

What are the advantages that come from CBD skincare?

After we’ve established the basics of what CBD is and what it does, let’s discuss its advantages. It’s important to know that there aren’t many research studies on the benefits for skin care that can be derived from CBD. However, there are few studies that demonstrate positive effects in the treatment of skin.

A study in 2020 confirms that CBD oil applied to the skin is anti-inflammatory which can aid in treating an inflammation-related skin problem such as eczema, psoriasis or the atopic skin dermatitis.

A different study revealed that CBD can help in treating acne due to its sebostatic and anti-inflammatory effects which means it can stop the production of excessive sebum. Sebum production that is reduced can reduce the pores that are blocked which cause acne. It is important to remember it was an in-vitro research that examined the impact on sebocytes that were cultured. Clinical studies are required to verify this conclusion.

In general, studies emphasize the fact that CBD can ease inflammation, which makes it possibility for those with people with sensitive skin or other inflammatory ailments.

Are you ready to incorporate CBD into your routine?

While there are promising research studies on CBD items, I would not go out and buy the CBD product at this point. In reality, CBD is a relatively new ingredient in the field of skin care therefore the research is only a small sample. Although there is potential for positive effects, we’d be adamant about using clinically proven ingredients such as tretinoin, which targets acne or azelaic acid for reducing inflammation. The ingredients mentioned above have been evaluated clinically and have been used for years to combat skin issues like acne and other.

CBD skin care is promising, however we would not claim it as a substitute for traditional actives. It is worth considering applying an CBD skincare product with active treatments like the retinoids. A study from 2022 showed that a cannabidiol and retinol combination cream produced results for wrinkles and fine lines with good tolerance. Further studies are required be conducted to discover the real benefits on CBD skin care products, but it seems like it could be a great alternative to powerful actives because of its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Getting expert treatment for your skin

CBD skin care appears to have potential, however more studies are needed to prove its effectiveness. We recommend instead using ingredients that are scientifically proven like azelaic and tretinoin to address your skin issues. If you’re in search of an expert treatment for skin issues, acne, rosacea or signs of ageing, we’ve got it covered. We use clinically-proven, prescription-strength ingredients to effectively treat your skin concerns. Begin your skincare journey now.