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The Advantages of Adding Bug Deflectors to the Front of Your Car

Bug Deflectors Here’s an aftermarket option that’s been in use for decades. Your grandfather may have one on an end of his hood of his Ford or Pickup! It was probably that the sunglasses were green. It resembled that old accountant’s visor with the light shade in green! As groovy as those little caps appeared on Joe Beancounter the bug shield appeared equally dorky on the cars of the time. It’s true I was a child and I was never convinced that they actually did anything. Except look dumb. You’ve certainly not seen them on the side of the Vette, Mustang, Charger, GTO, or T-Bird The list goes on! !

As time has passed I’ve learned that the aerodynamics produced by a quality bug shield will keep pests and tiny stones from your car’s hood and the windshield. They actually deflect them across the roof of your car. That’s very cool. They’ve also improved their appearance as well, so that they blend better with the front of the car.

They’re now designed to fit specific car makes and models, making them are more suited and attractive. There are low-profile, the hood’s length, wrap-around, or customized deflectors, based on your personal preferences and preference for style. The deflectors are made in stainless, chrome black, and smoke in particular and are made out of acrylics, steel ABS plastics composite materials. It is important to let you choose the style you like on your vehicle.

I personally believe that over time the auto makers will come up with a method to incorporate an insect deflector system in the grille and the hood of their cars and match the colour of the car. It can easily offer aerodynamic protection, improve the strength and rigidity of the vehicle as well as enhance the appearance of their vehicles! Give them some time then they’ll get caught up. It’s always the case! !

In the meantime, you can buy bug guards, shields and bug deflectors at many online stores that are specialized in these kinds of products. They are definitely a worthwhile investment, and I’m sure your hood and windshield will be grateful for it.