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What Are The Essential Kitchen Accessories?

Simple and elegant cooking requires the best equipment to do the task. Instead of purchasing everything in one go it is possible to build up a supply of the essentials that will make life much easier.

A selection of the best kitchen tools in your cabinet can make your life much simpler. While the kitchen has new fashionable, modern and interesting kitchen gadgets constantly but that doesn’t mean that you have to purchase each one in order in order cook effectively. In reality the most basic of equipment is all you require to begin cooking delicious food.

In order to help you determine which tools you should begin with, we’ve created an essential kitchen accessories checklist for you to use. This checklist outlines the use of the 20 essential cooking tools and is ideal for beginning cooks or those with a limited budget.

These tools will allow you to cook almost anything and get kicking on the stove!


1. Non-stick cooking pan

Every household should have a non-stick cooking pan to cook breakfast since pancakes and eggs are best cooked using a non-stick surface. It’s also a very versatile pan that is suitable for searing meats, sauteing vegetables as well as making sauces. Make sure you make sure you use tools that are not abrasive on the surface!

2. Saucepan

A pot is ideal cooking things that require liquids, like boiling pasta and vegetables , or simmering beans and sauces. A 4-quart pot is simple to handle and maneuver and can be used when cooking for one or four people.

3. Stock pot

For larger quantities of stews, soups and pasta, you’ll need to keep an oversized 12-quart stock pot. Its base permits evenly heated, which means you can cook your soups in a uniform manner.

4. Sheet pans

These pans are able to see plenty of activity for roasting vegetables as well as cooking meats roasting nuts, and of course baking cookies. They also provide simple cleanup after dinners cooked on a sheet pan.

5. Glass baking dish

Glass baking dishes work great to bake things such as casseroles or enchiladas right in the oven. Since it’s microwave safe and 8 inches in size, it can be inserted into a microwave during those times when you have to cook vegetables ahead of time for the fast microwave and saute cooking technique or to cook your vegetables fully while your stove and oven are full.


6. Knives

If you cook, you’re likely be using the knife. If you’re only able to afford and space to buy one knife, you should get the chef’s knife. This knife will be used to do 90% of your food prepwork, so get one that is nice and make sure you take care of it. We highly recommend purchasing a serrated knife and an aparing knife because they have different functions Serrated knives allow you to cut through bread and tomatoes easily, while paring knives are perfect for smaller, delicate tasks when the big knife won’t do the job.

7. Measurement spoons

If you prefer using a measuring spoon to “eyeball” ingredients it’s helpful to have a set measuring spoons to use for instances when you require exact measurements. They also serve as mini spoons for taking out dried herbs and spices!

8. Cups to measure cups

Measurement cups are essential when you bake however, they are also useful to use for everyday cooking. We prefer to have an assortment of four pieces for measuring dry ingredients as well as small amounts of liquid. A measuring cup made of glass that’s 1 quart can make measuring liquids much more efficient and convenient and also, you can make vinaigrettes and sauces inside the cup and simply put it in the food you’re cooking.

9. Wooden spoons

Wooden spoons won’t scratch on the surfaces you cook on and will last for a long time. Don’t throw these in your dishwasher! Select a set with several wooden spoons.

10. Fish turner

Although this instrument is advertised to function as a fish turning tool, it is able to be used for any purpose. The larger bottom of the tool makes it simple to flip fish, burgers eggs, eggs that are easy to flip, or even pancakes. The beveled, thin edge allows you to slide under the food that you’re flipping. Additionally, the slots permit the grease to drain away.

11. Peeler

If you’re putting together your kitchen, starting with the basics and essentials, ensure that you have a high-quality knife to cut the vegetables’ peels and cheese. You can also shave it off or create vegetable ribbons.

12. Whisk

While chopsticks and forks may be useful while chopsticks and forks are useful, a whisk is faster and more efficient in mixing ingredients such as vinaigrettes and oil. We prepare marinades and vinaigrettes to flavor salads, and other dishes frequently, so whisks come in useful!

13. Tongs

Tongs resemble your hands extended and can be very helpful in kitchens! They are not just utilized to flip large pieces of food and cookware, but they also assist move the ingredients around in a fry pan and on sheets of pans, without burning risk.

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14. Cutting board

A sturdy, grippy, cutting board will safeguard your fingers during the entire process of preparation This is the reason we love this particular one. We suggest having a couple of cutting boards, such as this set of plastic cutting boards to prepare various ingredients and avoid cross-contamination. Plastic cutting boards can be put in the dishwasher to complete cleaning.

15. Colander

Every kitchen needs a strong colander to drain boiling pasta and other vegetables. It’s also useful to drain canned beans and freshly washed vegetables.

16. Prep bowls of every size are available.

Every kitchen should have the right set of prep bowls that will assist you in organizing the ingredients. If you purchase collapsible prep bowls, you’ll free up much space, and also enjoy the convenience of covers that be used to seal off food items which aren’t ready to cook yet. Glass prep bowls may be used for serving plates!

17. Can opener

The can opener is a necessity that you should not overlook! Canned beans and veggies provide quick cooking and are excellent food staples for your pantry. But many other items are available in cans that need an opener for cans – coconut milk the curry powder, fruits crushed tomatoes, etc.

18. Microplane zester

It may not be an important appliance to have in a common kitchen. However, it can make an enormous difference when seeking to increase the flavor of your food. A zester is utilized to zest limes and lemons as well as grating ginger and cheese.

19. Immersion / stick blender

Do away with the bulk of a blender! Now you can create soups with purees in their pots, mix single-serving smoothies, or make super smooth and creamy vinaigrettes or dressings. It’s so easy, and it’s easy to clean by removing the blade to speed up cleaning.

20. Salad spinner

A colander could be enough to dry lettuce however, a salad spinner is much more effective. Salad dressings have a hard sticking to lettuce that’s wet. People also are unable to eat soggy sandwiches and tacos. A salad spinner is the solution to your issues as it helps to eliminate the water in only seconds , and also save money the cost of paper towels. It is also a great tool to dry your fresh herbs. You’ll also have a second colander to use if the primary one is not in use!