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About Betfred

Betfred is among the most famous names in the bookmaking industry in the UK. It was founded by the brothers Fred as well as Peter Done in 1967 and since then has grown to become an institution in the gambling business.

The high-street is an integral component of the business of Betfred and consequently, they have more than 1,300 betting stores operating. It’s also quite rare this regard that they’re the Betfred brand is still standing on their own two feet and hasn’t been a part of any major mergers throughout their history either.

High Street Betting Shops

Betfred is among the few bookmakers that are still very well-known on the high street in the present. They resemble an established brand who are eager to keep the tradition that have served them well and, while they do offer an excellent online sportsbook, the high-street is where they feel most at ease.

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Betfred boasts more than 1,300 betting outlets across all of the UK as well as Ireland. The company’s annual turnover of PS8 billion per year shows the extent to which they have a significant impact and, with that, they’re a company which is focused on keeping the high-street betting industry going.

The presence of the high street has been constant and been growing continuously. While the growth has slowed in the past couple of years, they’ve managed to add additional 1,000 stores. They are among the few who are going against the trend of cutting down on high-street shops in favor of onlineshopping, and are doing an excellent job at it.

On the Internet

The online betting segment of the business has been extremely successful. It’s the method by which the company earns the bulk of their profits nowadays and is frequently regarded as one of the top online bookmakers.

If we’re being honest, the website is a bit wanted in this current environment. The website is looking somewhat outdated and we believe it is in need of a little re-design. The most effective way we have heard it described is unappreciated and exactly that’s the way we see it. There’s nothing wrong with it, however when you look at it in comparison to Bet365 and BetVictor, there’s certain to be something lacking in the design department.

The content of the website from a betting standpoint is really great. They’re a huge hit with horse racing and football fans If you’re interested in either of these two sports, you’re sure to be made extremely welcome.

They can provide many features aren’t available at retail stores on the high street like cash-out betting live stats live betting, live streaming, a variety of betting promotions, a wide variety of sports, and an integration between their poker, casino and bingo websites. Remember, all of this is accessible via their mobile betting application too!

About Betfred

The Betfred brand is a result of an ancestor of brothers Fred Peter Done and Fred Peter Done. They were born into an era of gambling and during the 1950s and 1960s, the pair frequently worked as runners for their father’s gambling firm of the time. They would visit local establishments and pubs, take bets, and return to the office with the bets.

All this was before betting shops were legally legalized. However, the brothers who had been doing it did not actually launch a an online shop of their own until the year 1967, six months after the prohibition on high-street bookmakers was lifted, and many years after brands like William Hill and Ladbrokes had expanded in the market.

They could afford to buy their first shop on the result of a winning bet on England winning in the 1996 World Cup. They put their money into a store located in Salford, Manchester and the rest is, as they say, is the story of history!


The company wasn’t able to grow at the pace of the larger companies however Fred as well as his son Peter knew this and were content to be their own in the city of Manchester. However, the nimble pair kept coming up with fresh ideas for betting markets, eventually creating the concept of Lucky 15 in 1984. The same bet is popular as it was in 1984 and is frequently regarded as the first truly innovative innovation in betting markets, and it set the stage for many others that followed.

In 1997, the company was able to break through the 100 shop market, and at at this point, they began to gain momentum. The most famous strategies was to make payments early on certain markets for betting. The first to do this in 1998, when they paid Manchester United to win the Premier League. However, Arsenal managed to pip them to the post, generating massive buzz about the brand.


As Betfred increased its growth and expand, they made their first acquisition. This was 40 shops belonging to Demmy Racing Group. Demmy Racing Group. In 2005, they had more than 50 shops to their name, and they also made the first millionaire betting shop in the year before.

Moving Online

At this time – 2004 the company was fully operational. They were sponsoring some of the most famous sporting teams including Manchester United Manchester united, and several of the most prestigious sporting events such as the Group 1 Sprint Cup, Group 2 Temple Stakes – in the world.

In 2006, they had moved to mobile and were among the very first bookmakers to go mobile and then just three years later declared that they owned more than 800 betting stores which saw a massive growth over a 10-year time frame.

The Tote

The year 2011 was the biggest for Betfred with its acquisition come in the shape of the Tote in a deal of PS265 million. Betfred was actually selected from a list of companies who had submitted an application to purchase the business by the federal government. In the agreement, it was stipulated that a portion of the proceeds was to be returned to taxpayers, and to charities for horse racing.

Since 2011, Betfred’s involvement with the Tote haven’t always been well-liked by those in the racing industry. They’ve been criticized for not investing enough funds back into the racing industry, and there have been numerous consortiums created to attempt and back the company in order to enable greater funds to be given to charities that support racing. However, Done does refute the assertions, asserting that they’ve never been in a better position with regard to the money that is invested back into the Tote.

Current Growth

Betfred remain a name that continues to create some truly positive strands even in the era of competition which we are living in now. It’s likely to be true that they’re not growing like they used to particularly when they went from revenues that ranged from PS550 millions to PS3.5 billion in just one year in 2004. However, the business is in a different position that it was in the past and we shouldn’t be expecting to see them grow like that.

The work that Betfred has done to promote sport like horse racing as well as snooker, football and horse racing deserves praise. They’ve been able to invest millions of dollars back into these sports at a times when, particularly with the horse racing and snooker games, they urgently needed an injection of vitality.