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Kicking the Habit – Using E-Cigs to Quit Smoking

People all over the world have become more and more interested in smoking in just ten years. Vaping is the act of breathing vapour that is made when an e-cigarette heats up a liquid, which is usually called vape juice or e-liquid. Usually, this vape juice has flavourings, nicotine, propylene glycol, and/or veggie glycerin in it.

A lot of people who have been smoking for a long time have turned to vaping as a way to quit. In fact, polls show that the main reason people vape is to cut down on or stop smoking cigarettes. There are about 7,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, and over 70 of them are known to cause cancer. Vaping gives you nicotine without those chemicals. For people who smoke and can’t or won’t quit nicotine all together, vaping can be a safer way to get their nicotine fix.

What We Know About Vaping to Quit

There have been a number of studies that look into whether vaping can help people quit smoking. In a 2019 study released in the New England Journal of Medicine, people who smoked cigarettes were randomly given either e-cigarettes or traditional nicotine replacement products like gum or patches. 18% of people in the e-cigarette group had quit smoking after one year, while only 9.9% of people in the nicotine substitute group had quit.

A review of 50 studies done in 2020 found that using vapes such as Dabwoods disposable UK can help people stop smoking. They found that smokers who vaped were more likely to cut down on cigarettes and quit than users who didn’t vape. The authors did say, though, that there wasn’t a lot of proof at that point.

It’s important to remember that the long-term effects of smoking on public health are still unknown, even though the short-term effects look good. Since vaping has only become popular in the last 15 years, there haven’t been any big longitudinal studies done on the effects of vaping for a long time. The government is still playing catch-up by looking into vaping products and setting standards for quality.

The Good and Bad Things About Vaping to Quit THC

Vaping is an appealing way to stop smoking because of a few main benefits:

It looks like you’re smoking a cigarette by moving your hand to your mouth.
It gives you nicotine to help with detox and cravings.
As an alternative to tobacco, there are thousands of flavours to choose from.
It makes you see and feel things that are like smoking.
Most of the time, it has fewer harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke.

But there are also some bad things to think about:

Products have very different quality and materials.
Nicotine salts let a lot of nicotine get into the body, which can cause addiction.
Tastes and business goals smoking among young people is on the rise.
The long-term effects of smoking all the time are still unknown.
Can keep nicotine addiction going instead of getting rid of it
Small problems with batteries or gadgets can make it harder to quit.

Important Things You Need to Know to Quit Smoking

Even though it may seem like a good idea, switching from smoking to vaping is not enough to be considered successful at stopping smoking. Tobacco experts say that quitting smoking for good means:

Making the switch from burning tobacco to vaping
Using vaping as a short-term way to get off of nicotine for good

The most important things to remember about vaping for quitting smoking are:

Talk to your doctor about quitting smoking for advice.
Setting a date for giving up smoking completely
lowering the amount of nicotine in vape juice over time
Keeping combustibles from being used for both vaping and smoking
Choosing e-liquid and vaping products that are regulated and of good quality
Finding trigger events and getting ready for them after switching
Changing habits with behavioural treatments or support groups

People who smoke have the best chance of giving up cigarettes for good if they carefully include vaping in a complete plan to quit.

The Future of Vaping to Quit Smoking

As vaping technology, rules, and long-term studies keep getting better, it will become clearer over time whether vaping is a safe and effective way to quit smoking. One possible step forward for the future is to use e-cigarettes to deliver nicotine-free medicines straight into the lungs instead of nicotine.

Health agencies in the UK have already cleared vaping as a way to help people quit smoking. But the FDA and CDC, two of the most important health groups in the US, still say that other nicotine replacement treatments should be tried before vaping. In the US, people have different ideas about vaping. Some see it as a safer option to regular cigarettes, while others think it poses unknown health risks and leads to a lot of addiction.

In an ideal world, vaping would be a way for adult smokers to quit, and strict rules would keep young people from starting any nicotine habits. To achieve this fine balance, some ideas include stricter age verification, limits on marketing, taxes, and bans on certain flavoured goods.

The vaping scene will change a lot depending on how new data, moral concerns, corporate duties, and policy choices are all balanced. Nearly 500,000 Americans die every year from smoking combustible cigarettes, though, so giving adult smokers useful alternatives is still a top public health goal.