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NMN increases energy levels

The NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) is an extremely studied and sought-after substances to slow the process of aging.

NMN is a chemical that is naturally found in our bodies.

NMN can be viewed as a precursor of NAD+. NAD+ is an essential molecule for all cells within our body.

NAD+ is a chemical that many proteins and enzymes must use to fulfill their job.

For instance, NAD+ is required to ensure proper repair and maintenance of our epigenome as well as our DNA (by enzymes such as sirtuins and PARPs).

What are the consequences of NMN?

1. NMN boosts the energy levels

Most often, people claim they are more energetic after they consume NMN.

For a boost in energy levels, you should get a dose that is sufficient.

Certain people have already experienced an effect after taking 500 mg of NMN however, others require at minimum 500 mg.

Research has shown that when administered orally NMN improves endurance and stamina in mice who are old, by as much as 80 percent.

2. NMN enhances memory

A lot of users who use an NMN supplement notice improvements in their cognitive performance, which makes people feel more sharp or in their ability to focus.

There are also studies that show that NMN is beneficial to brain function, including improving the brain’s cognition as well as blood flow to the mice’s brains.

The brain’s blood flow is restored in older mice that take NMN to the same level as mice in their youth. The mice that are red have no NMN.

Source: Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) supplementation improves the function of cerebromicrovascular endothelial cells and neurovascular coupling responses , and improves cognitive performance in mice that are old. Redox Biology, 2019

3. NMN & healthier blood vessels

Research has shown that NMN revitalizes the blood vessels of old age. NMN significantly enhances, for instance the elasticity of blood vessels in elderly animals.

Old mice who get NMN contain blood vessels that expand just as well as young mice as well as young mice who receive NMN. The dilation of blood vessels was significantly reduced in older mice who were not receiving NMN.

Source Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Supplementation helps to reverse the effects of oxidative stress and vascular dysfunction when mice get older. Aging Cell, 2016

Furthermore, the mitochondria within those cells which line blood vessels (endothelial cells) remain healthier when NMN is used. Mitochondria are the energy sources of cells.

4. NMN enhances metabolism

This is crucial as the metabolism is reduced dramatically which can result in an increase chance of developing many illnesses.

Studies have shown that NMN is able to reduce insulin resistance, enhance the profile of plasma lipids and help reduce the weight gain associated with aging gain, while simultaneously enhancing physical fitness.

5. NMN enhances decline associated with aging in the elderly

As we age the following things begin to decline such as our eyesight endurance, stamina levels as well as bone density, energy levels and immune system. All of these are improved according to studies on mice that are old.

6. NMN improves fertility

Certain people who take NMN say they experience an increase in their libido.

Biotech companies have found the fact that NMN as well as NMN derivatives can help make animals that are old fertile.

7. NMN enhances the health of stem cells

As we age, our stem cells decrease in number, and stem cells are often damaged. This causes aging since stem cells produce new cells, and they maintain our tissues. Numerous studies have shown that NMN and increasing NAD levels, can help improve the health of stem cells as well as self-renewal.

8. NMN repairs DNA damage

NMN assists cells in repairing damaged DNA. DNA damage is among the reasons that we become older.

Mice who received NMN were significantly less prone to DNA damage (as determined by alpha H2AX which is a biomarker of DNA damages).

Other studies also show positive effects of NMN in reducing aging and sometimes even reverse specific signs of aging in old animals back to a healthier condition.