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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Although a variety of factors can cause the condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED) Most cases result from an insufficient flow of blood towards the penis. What’s the benefit? Since both mental and physical elements can cause poor circulation, a variety of natural remedies can help improve the flow of blood and erections without the use of medication.

In this article, I’ll explain why better blood flow penis is crucial for maintaining and getting erections, what causes ED and how to be diagnosed, and the natural and therapeutic methods to improve the flow of blood to the penis. Because ED is often a sign that is a sign of more significant problem, I’ll also discuss the reasons why you should talk with your physician to find out the reason for your ED and what options for treatment may be appropriate for you.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? What does it have to do with the flow of blood towards My Penis?

Erectile disorder (ED) is one of the most frequent medical condition that mostly affects males over 40. The most frequent symptoms of ED is having trouble getting and keeping erections as firm as they can be to allow sexual intimacy.

Although erections might seem simple but the process behind them is a bit complicated. In the simplest sense they occur due to an equilibrium of blood flow to or out of penis. If hormonal, vascular, nerve, or psychological factors disrupt blood flow, it’s more difficult to maintain erections and get them.

The causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Because the man’s brain muscles, heart, nerves emotion, many more contribute to his ability to get an erection. various factors can trigger ED. This includes:

Heart disease
High blood pressure
Metabolic syndrome
Low testosterone
Stress and anxiety
Problems with relationships

The causes of ED are classified in two kinds that are psychological (mental) as well as organic (physical).

Psychogenic reasons include depression and low self-esteem, anxiety and negative feelings about sexual intimacy.
The organic causes are responsible for approximately eighty percent ED cases. They can be further classified as endocrine and non-endocrine. The causes of endocrine are usually linked to testosterone levels that are low, however more research is needed to better understand how these two causes interact. In the case of non-endocrine-related causes of ED vasculogenic causes that affect the flow of blood are the most frequent.

How do you get diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction

An expert in medicine, for example, doctors or urologists is able to officially diagnose ED. To diagnose it they’ll examine your sexual and medical history , and perform physical and mental health examinations.

Although it may be challenging to talk about this sensitive matter with someone and your physician, the more information your doctor is aware of your health habits, lifestyle, and past the better they’ll be able to pinpoint the reason for you having ED and the appropriate way to treat it.

Natural Ways to increase blood flow to the Penis

A variety of non-pharmaceutical techniques can assist in increasing penis blood flow naturally. You can test these methods on their own and in tandem with medications.


A study conducted by the Massachusetts Male Aging Study linked an improved lifestyle, which includes eating a balanced food regimen, to lower chance of developing ED and other diseases that contribute to ED like Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity. A diet that is rich in whole grains fruit vegetables, nuts, and legumes, as well as a low level of processed food, sugars and red meat can be especially healthy.

There is also research that suggests eating more plant-based foods. One study found that around one-third of those who reduced their intake of cholesterol and saturated fat (both of which can be found predominantly within animal-based products) and increased the amount of fiber (found in plants) returned to the normal function of sexuality.


Although a variety of vitamins can aid in circulation of blood and general circulation However, only a few have been proven to boost penis blood flow. There is evidence that suggests that many sufferers of ED are also lacking vitamin D. If they are supplements could help. Other studies show no link between the levels of D and ED.

If you believe that vitamin D might be a problem for you discuss it with your doctor. They will be able to conduct blood tests to assess for levels, and if required they can recommend the use of a supplement.


Some over-the counter (OTC) supplements may improve blood flow to your penis and reduce the signs of ED. Be aware that since the FDA does not monitor or accept the supplements, you might not receive the same dose. Furthermore, these supplements might not always have the ingredient that is advertised or may include additional ingredients that aren’t listed.

Ginseng: A few of studies suggest that red ginseng, also known as Korean red ginseng, could boost penile blood flow and help in the treatment of ED.
L-arginine: A few people suffering from ED are found to have lower concentrations of this amino acid. If when combined together with the TDADLALIA (Cialis) and pycnogenol (a substance found in the pine bark) this could help in the treatment of ED however it is important to conduct more research as the studies are very limited.
Horny goatweed: This plant has been utilized for a long time in traditional Chinese treatment for ED as well as sexual insufficiency. But, a study from 2017 concluded that, while there is evidence to suggest that it can increase sexual activity in castrated rats there isn’t any concrete evidence to suggest that it enhances penile blood flow in males.


Although there aren’t any exercises that have been proven to boost circulation of penis blood, studies suggest that certain exercises can assist in strengthening the the pelvic floor. These muscles are essential in maintaining circulation of blood to penis and aiding in sexual erections.

Particularly the pelvic floor exercises increase the flow of blood to the genitals. They can also aid in treating erectile dysfunction when employed in conjunction together with other treatments. A skilled pelvic floor therapist will instruct you on the exercises and make sure you’re doing them correctly to ensure you reap the benefits.

Medical Methods to Increase Blood Flow to the Penis

There are a variety of FDA-registered phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitor drugs are available to treat ED in males. The drugs work by increasing the effect of nitric oxygen in order to ease the muscles of penile, increase blood vessels that flow to the penis, and increase the flow of blood to the penis. This improves the capacity to maintain and get sexual erections.


It is designed to be taken prior to sexual activity Viagra will take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour to take effects. It may remain within your body for four hours and assist you to be erect any time within the time frame. The most popular dosage can be 50 milligrams (mg) and isn’t recommended to take it along in conjunction with food. It is better to take it instead. Viagra will be most efficient when it is taken with an empty stomach.


Sildenafil is the generic form of Viagra The first-line drug provided by numerous doctors due to the fact that it’s been available for the longest , and its negative effects and interactions with other drugs are well-known. Sildenafil is exactly the same the same way as Viagra does, and may cause similar reactions such as nausea, dizziness and rash, as well as pain in the legs or arms and a change in vision.


Contrary to sildenafil or Viagra Cialis is able to remain inside the body as long as 36 hours. It can also assist men to become sexually active at any time within that time. It is available in a pinch or with a lower dose daily. In contrast to Viagra or sildenafil, you are able to take Cialis without or with food.


Tadalafil can be described as the generic variant of Cialis. It is able to cause the same adverse effects, such as headache and back pain, indigestion nasal congestion flushing, muscle pains and discomfort in the arms or legs.

Risk Aspects and complications of Erectile Dysfunction

Since ED typically refers to a systemic condition The condition is associated with a variety of risk factors, such as:

Cardiovascular disease
Diabetes mellitus
Tobacco use
Signs of lower urinary tract infection
Metabolic syndrome

The complications of ED may occur when the causes are not recognized or treated and ED is not treated. The complications could include:

Stress or anxiety
Self-esteem issues
A sex-life that isn’t satisfying
Relationship issues
Greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease
Greater risk of heart attack
Risk of stroke is higher
A higher risk of premature death If the ED is untreated

When should you see a doctor?

If you’re experiencing signs of ED It’s essential to speak with an experienced medical professional who can help determine the root of the issue. They will then be able to determine which natural treatment option or medication or combination of both is best for you.