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Sailcloth Tents – An Elegant Solution

Tipi and not Tipi?

Our tipis (teepees or Tepees) are rustic in appearance and are a great option for any event. No matter if you’re organizing a unique festival wedding or corporate celebration These gorgeous structures work well with natural settings thanks to their brown canvas and wooden pole structure. We offer Tipi Hire across East Anglia however, we have recently traveled to Italy to create beautiful areas for outdoor use to our clients. Together with our rustic furniture along with woven flooring and fireplaces, these spaces provide the feeling of a relaxing atmosphere for any occasion.

Also, our Sailcloth tents are beautiful and light-filled structures that shine beautiful in the night. They are sometimes referred to by the names of Sperry as well as Tidewater tents They are our most recent design of tent, and have proved to be a popular alternative to Tipis. Sailcloth tents offer a different style to the Tipis and come in various sizes to suit any size the event. Many finishing touches like uplighters or festoon lights could be added to the canopy, directing illumination in the nighttime canopy time for an extra “wow”.

Below is an in-depth analysis of our various products and the reasons why they could be the perfect option for your event.

Tipis – Rustically Beautiful

Flexible and spacious Our tipi tents can are suitable for any size and kind of occasion. The possibility of raising the sides allows you to connect the tipis one another, creating one larger space. Any configuration is feasible with no limits to the amount of tents that could be connected. No matter if you’re throwing a private celebration for 50 guests or 100 guests, a wedding reception for 100 or a corporate celebration for 500 or more There’s a setup of tipis that works well for you.

The Tipis allow for a wide range of possibilities in terms of design, in contrast the Sailcloth Tents. For larger events, you will usually need multiple tents, which can be connected in various ways to make unique shapes and fascinating designs. This is a fantastic option to make the most of the area within your Tipis for smaller venues or to design custom designs for performance and dining spaces. We can cater for all kinds of events, from weddings and birthdays to festivals and corporate events.

A custom-designed decoration is a major advantage of this kind of tent. Because of the unique structure of the Tipis you are able to easily make your own personal touch by hanging ornaments, creating decorations, and so on. Make your Tipi more attractive by creating custom-made finishing touches that enhance the rustic style and make it your personal space.

Weddings that are themed around festivals are when the Tipis become their own as compared to Sailcloth Tents. The distinctive aesthetics are perfect for this kind of wedding with their unique, natural appearance really enhancing the boho/rustic style. Tipis work well with any wedding style and can be set up virtually anywhere, which adds to the variety of customized designs and options available for your wedding day. For setup, you have the option to put the sides up to open the tipi to let more light or lower them to create an enclave, warmer place.

Another advantage of tipis is that they can accommodate an open flame pit. venting on the top of the tipi permits smoke to escape, allowing you to experience the warmth and ambience of an open fire. The tipis’ ultra-durable canvas is able to endure extreme temperatures and is fire resistant to a high level so that they can securely host your fire pits. The fire pits look amazing in the evening and are great centerpieces for your social areas. You can bring them into the tipis and relax by the fire with loved ones and friends.


Tipis aren’t just stunning backdrops for your wedding, but they also provide an open canvas to change and add your own personal touch to
It has a distinctive design, warm and cozy atmosphere and a unique look to your event
They are available in a range of sizes and designs which makes them ideal for any size event
Weddings in the style of a festival
Weddings in boho and rustic style
It is possible to pitch almost anyplace
Sides either up or down
One of the unique features of tipis is that they can contain an open fireplace/fire pit
Blends wonderfully with natural surroundings thanks to their natural tan canvas and wood pole structure
Can be linked together

Sailcloth Tents – A Beautiful Solution

We are delighted to introduce our stunning Sailcloth Tents! The most recent update to our range of products and a popular option for weddings and other events. Also called Sperry Tents or Tidewater Tents These beautiful structures are luminous in the daytime , and shine at night. The panoramic side of their structure means that you will always have a 360-degree view of the venue.

In contrast to the Tipis tents, sailcloth marquee hire can be more elegant in comparison to the Tipis. Sailcloth tents have an elegant appearance and feel. With elegant curves and a transparent canopy. They fit to any space and radiate style with their art deco style. Sailcloth tents are better appropriate for traditional wedding or event style with a contemporary twist. One advantage of Sailcloth Tents over the Tipis is the capability to raise the sides or lower them down yourself. This makes it ideal for unexpected change in weather or temperature during the day. It also allows the space to be adapted to meet your requirements.

Simple décor is the norm with these classic New England style tents. They are paired with our long wooden tables that complement the natural wood pole structure they are absolutely stunning. There are a variety of other options for finishing Sailcloth tents, including up-lighters, festoons and bunting, fairy lights and many more. Sailcloth Tents are similar with Sperry tents, however they have the patented wall system that prevents water or leaks to get inside. They come in various sizes to accommodate events with 80-500 guests, we can estimate to meet your needs for the guests and event size. list. Get in touch to find out more.

The translucent design that is Sailcloth Tent canopy is a feature that makes it incredibly translucent. Sailcloth Tent canopy ensures a contemporary, bright space during the day. It also lets the light of our up-lighters to reflect off it at night, for an extra WOW factor and aesthetic. All poles are gorgeous oil-coated wood, which means that all you see are sturdy wooden poles as well as the stunning canopy, without any metal work visible.


The trendiest option is still new to the UK and imported from the US
Translucent fabric brings a gorgeous light to interior spaces
All natural wood pole structure
Graceful curves, sailing vessels
Art deco glamour
Panoramic sides allow you to take in a 360-degree perspective of your wedding location or the location
Elegant and sophisticated. stays true to an older-style wedding
New England style
Light was abounding in the day time, and glowed at evening.
Sides upwards or downwards
Canopy made to be the perfect backdrop to match any theme or style.