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The Future Of Trapstar

Trapstar London founders Mikey, Lee Will and Mikey Trapstar have relied upon their steady work ethic and worked hard to overcome all obstacles that have been put in their path. Before they became the preferred streetwear brand of stars like Rihanna as well as Cara Delevigne, their clothing collection was met with a lot of resistance from established retailers that were wary of taking an opportunity with the new brand. While other brands might have collapsed in such circumstances The London-based group got more inventive. In search of innovative ways to market their merchandise and accessories, they launched a pop-up shop concept they named “Trapstar Invasion.” Then the hustler’s mindset of theirs soon started to pay off and in a huge way. Trapstar was soon able to go from being a cult popular choice for supermodels and megastars.

Already with London Town on lock, Trapstar is now preparing for what seems to be an the inevitable global takeover. One of the reasons for this is the recently announced Red Line label. In announcing the new Trapstar brand, Mikey says, “Over the last eight years, the brand has changed in such a way that it is our obligation the public to create more avenues for entry into Trapstar. Trapstar brand. This is a premium brand, one of the many.” Life+Times caught up with Mikey Trapstar who is the clothing line’s head designer and creative director for his thoughts on the Red Line collection, Trapstar’s collaboration in Roc Nation, Roc Nation, and UK fashion.

L+T: What’s the red line in the new collection represent?

Mikey T: Let me explain it this way The red line is a symbol that has been used in Trapstar for a long time. Trapstar brand for a long time symbolises 20/20 vision. As you may know, if you have 20/20 vision , it signifies that your eyesight is excellent The red line signifies the capacity to be open in looking further and seeing clearly in the smokescreens of everyday life. These are things that can cloud your eyesight and cause you to make decisions like prejudice and insecurities.

L+T: What were the elements that inspired you when creating this collection?
Mikey T.: I’m very inspired by military, sportswear aesthetics, and other life elements like Earth marble, water, and art. We decided to create silk scarves that don’t have patterns, but instead featuring an illustration. We believe that fashion is an art which is why we give you the option of framing the image as a scarf or to wear it.

L+T: What distinguishes this collection from previous Trapstar collections?

Mikey T Mikey T: The outfit is far more adventurous. There are printed denim, capses and silk scarfs. There are no logos, so there is there is no brand name. We’ve only used high-end fabrics and have paid greater focus on the finer details. As the company has grown, we’ve adopted a playful, yet more mature approach to represent the progress.

L+T: What made you decide to choose Harvey Nichols for the launch of the brand new collection?

Mikey T.: The principal motive behind this move came from Reece Crisp. He was the previous customer of our second seller located in London, Selfridges. He’s a part of the new fashion world. He’s not just writing checks. He’s honest about it. He’s fully aware and we can trust him. Harvey Nichols’ world renowned reputation, combined with our fresh Blood and the new Rules, made the perfect match. In the end we thought Harvey Nichols would be the ideal place to launch the brand new chapter in Trapstar.

L+T What does Trapstar’s newest alliance together with Roc Nation mean for the future of the brand?

Mikey T: It’s the words “growth, versatility and endurance as Roc Nation is a master in all of those areas. Who is better at teaching you then JAY Z, Jay Brown and Ty-Ty? See how far they’ve come , and they’re continuing to grow ever stronger and more powerful, and breaking barriers like nothing. As Hov said to me a few years time ago, “You know it’s time to go up a notch, aren’t you?”

L+T: It appears that the initial resistance to Trapstar triggered the desire to succeed in you and your colleagues to be successful as well as a desire to prove those who criticized you wrong. What can you do to maintain the same fervor after you’ve built such an impressive brand?

Mikey Tnah bruv. I’m still in awe of what I was the day I bought my first t-shirt from my car’s trunk. The fact that I live with my family in New York and being around the Roc naturally has triggered higher financial and personal goals. It is a lesson that you will always be better. I feel as if we’ve made it to the top of the line for heavyweights. The next step is to take on the title of champion, which requires a lot of effort. Once you’ve achieved that, you need to defend your belt to be regarded as legendary. Being content is not an choice.

L+T: You’ve mentioned that you believe that UK fashion isn’t acknowledged on the international stage. With Trapstar being able to partner with an internationally-respected imprint like Roc Nation or collaborating with a US-based brand like 40oz NY, don’t you feel as if Trapstar has helped UK fashion, especially UK streetwear gain more recognition?

Mikey T. All of those characteristics have made a difference 100. Trapstar is a major contributor to some degree. No doubt. There’s plenty of bright prospects to come, yet I recognize that Rome was not built in a day. I’m not anticipating huge recognition in the next few hours.

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