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The Pros Of Marquee Hire For A Wedding

If you’re unable to decide between a marquee wedding and a more traditional venue Read on. Here are 10 reasons marquee hire is perfect for your wedding.

1. You are free to pick your venue.

All you require for a marquee wedding is the space! It can be at your home, be it yours or the parents and if there’s no enough space, there are plenty of choices. Field marquee sites have grown in popularity over recent years and those that are the most desirable have something additional to offer like stunning coastal or country views. When seeking a field location many people are also looking for a unique location that holds many fond memories, like the place they spent their childhood holidays or first visited as couple.

2. You have the option of designing a marquee that is appropriate for your specific needs.

You get to be involved in the creation of a space that will suit your needs for the day. Select a marquee provider which allows you to take part in the design process to ensure that you can get a layout for your marquee that is the best of your space, both in both the day and at night.

3. Your marquee was designed especially for you.

Weddings in marquees are not alike. Your marquee is built for you making it completely distinctive for your wedding day!

4. You can take advantage of the view. Bring the outside into the.

Marquees can stay within reach of your surroundings. If you have beautiful views take advantage of it and ensure that you are able to see it throughout the day! Frame marquees are extremely attractive as they can be supplied with windows that are clear as well as clear roofs, which means that you still see the beautiful view even when you are inside the marquee, too.

5. A marquee is a blank canvas to create your own design from start to the very end!

Of course one important benefit of an event marquee is that it allows you can choose and select the themes and colors you want to use, so you are not required to coordinate with the existing decors. You can pick a contemporary style or classic, country vintage, beach themes…the choices are endless. Have fun and be creative!

6. There are no limitations regarding the guests’ number.

You get to choose the guest names using the marquee. Although you need to make sure that you have created the proper size structure to fit everyone, essentially it is your choice to decide how you will use it. So formal or informal, regardless of the daytime or evening guests number, a marquee can be an adaptable space that can be created in a size that is suitable for your event!

7. Helps you work with your spending limit.

Whether you have a generous budget or not, a wedding marquee offers more flexibility to work within your price range. You get to choose the venue, marquee, decor catering, menu along with the florist and bar; There is a wide range of caterers for all budgets. But, of course, wish to handle some of the table decorations, catering, celebration drinks then you can…there are no limitations!

8. You have the option of choosing your personal caterer.

The ability to choose your caterer means that you have the freedom to select exactly what you’d like to eat. From hog roasts to pizza ovens to gourmet exquisite dining, the options are yours. There’s an amazing range of event caterers that deliver amazing service. In addition, they employ local food producers who prepare delicious food that is suitable for all budgets and tastes. You’re in for some delicious food! Do a bit of research and don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions.

9. It’s not necessary to stick to the rules.

Wedding marquees are great for those who want to do your own idea. If you want to deviate from the norm and not follow the traditional wedding day design, then do it! It’s your choice.

10. You can choose your closing time!

There is no one who wants the event to end too soon and, in a reasonable way you’re able to set the time to end. Also, make sure you have the right music sorted to ensure that everyone is up dancing!

So, if you want the guests at your party to experience this kind of enjoyment at your party make sure you talk to one of the team.