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What Makes A Quality Flannel Trouser?

Trousers for men are usually thought of as standard and boring. However, flannel trousers could look great with a jacket and make it fashionable, trendy and full of texture when you choose the right design and material. These Autumn Winter favourite is admired by its soft, silky feel and the mash-up of different shades. The classic Flannel Trousers are typically seen in navy, grey and other earthy tones that promote sophistication and class. However, their soft and brushed feel is what differentiates these from the traditional trousers.

The distinctive weave and texture allow the traditional flannel trouser be a versatile garment. It can be worn in a formal dress, unstructured jackets to work to create a chic look, or paired with knitwear or layering to create a warm winter-weary outfit.

Here’s how flannels can truly be the ideal fit for your daily life.

Where did Flannel Get Its Origins?

Flannel is a product that has been used since the 17th century and it is believed to originate from Wales. It was initially made of fine short-staple wool but by the 20th century the use of silk in combination with cotton had become popular. In the late 20th century, flannel clothing were popular for cricket, and in other sports which was played extensively up until the late 1970s.

What is flannel fabric? Flannel is usually an extremely soft, medium-weight cotton fabric that has the appearance of a fuzzy or napped finish on both sides. The napped appearance is due to brushing, or the characteristic open-spun weave. Its softand cozy feeling makes it the perfect cloth to stay warm and cozy all through winter.

In addition to its qualities of being a smooth, transparent, soft cloth, it’s also made of wool carded with napped surfaces where air pockets are encased between interlocking fibres. Therefore, it has texture, depth , and deepness of tone within the base colour. It absorbs light, rather than reflecting it.

What is the definition of quality Flannel?

Our collection of flannel trousers is made of the best yarns and top fabric, made in Italy by skilled artisans that has more than 100 years’ experience.

Premium flannel has a distinctive melange colour that is created far ahead of the moment the yarn is spun. Normally, textiles are called yarn-dyed which provides the woven fabric with uniformity in color. In contrast to flannel the wool that is not spun, called ‘woollen-silver is printed using the colours you want. The melange printing technique is named for its French inventor, Vigoureux is a reference to the mixing of crossed-dyed fibres in order to create a heathered appearance.

After the woollen silver has been printed after which yarn is made from the yarns with mixed colors. After the yarn has been woven in the melange color, the mottled effect is created. The result is what is known as what French call trompe l’oeil (a illusion of the eye) since when the fabric is seen from a distance it appears to be an uncolored solid color. But, when you look closer the process of Vigoureux printing gives a richness of colour that is not evident in plain fabric. People who are aficionados of the fabric are attracted to this distinctive melange effect, which gives an unpretentious and tranquil feel to the fabric.

The reason we use Loro Piana Flannel

Flannel has been the most popular option for wool-blend separates as well as Loro Piana, the premium Italian mill, provides the finest version. The addition of cashmere makes an affluent feel and more drape. It also adds some luxurious to your daily clothes.

Loro Piana was the world’s leader in the production of fabric for more than 100 years it was established on 1924, by Pietro Loro Piana in Quarona, Italy. The family-owned company has been producing high-quality fabrics for the past six generations of skilled manufacturing.

The striking textured fabric that we have used in our trousers is a classic flannel that Loro Piana has designed with a cashmere and wool blend that is perfect for elegant suiting, jackets, and trousers that fit perfectly. Loro Piana flannel comes in a range of sophisticated melanges, fancies and solid shades.

In a bid to highlight the unique natural qualities of wool Loro Piana is creating an item with a soft touch and casual style. The collection includes checkered chevrons and checks in subtle deep shades that are perfect to pair with plain jackets and blazers. Lori Piana fabric is the perfect supplier for Blugiallo since we want to provide gentlemen with the uniqueness of their origins and quality which is 100 percent Italian.

Worsted Vs Woollen Flannel

Blugiallo Blugiallo exclusively use semi-worsted flannel virgin wool because it is the highest quality with a more comfortable hand-feel, and a most luxurious version that the material offers. It covers the body and texture of the fabric. It is more drapey and more delicate and generally be more pleasant. Furthermore, the thickness and the color variations you can observe in it is far superior to woollen.

Wool fabric comprises two main categories that are woollens and worsted. The most common feature of an flannel’s characteristics is the milling procedure, in which the cloth is pushed around and the fibers are break, resulting in the classic fuzzy look. Worsteds fabrics are constructed from tightly weaved long strands of combed-out wool, whereas woollens are usually made of shorter strands.

The major distinction between them is their hand-feel and softness. Worsteds have a smoother appearance and texture, but they feel more crisp in the hands. However Woollens are typically soft and have a sponge-like feeling.

To clarify the matter Worsteds are generally composed of an twill weave. That means that you’ll see diagonal lines under the soft nap surface. However, woollens don’t feature a twill weave and tend to appear more dirty and a bit more flecked.

What makes up a classic Flannel Trouser?

Pleated Front

Pleated pants are characterized by folds or creases at the waist. Flat-front pants, as the name implies, sit flat against your body. Pleated pants are made through stitching folded lines (pleats) to the cloth before attaching the waistband.

Pleated pants tend to be more spacious and more suited to larger or athletic physiques that allow for flexibility. They’re also perfect for active people because they are more comfortable to move around in.

The flannel trouser range is flat-fronted to give a neat modern look. With the slim-leg silhouette the luxurious fabric can be worn with a sweater and sneakers as it can be with loafers and blazers.

Side Adjuster

Side adjusters are attachments to the sides of your pants that permit you to alter the width of your waistband.

The buckle-side adjusters are the most sophisticated and formal option for an elegant look. They are based using a pulley mechanism, which means that you pull an adjustable strap and the waistband is tightened. The waistband can shrink by about 5cm. But the pants can’t become any bigger. Therefore, ensure that your trousers are comfortable for you at your biggest then you can use the buckle to shrink the waistband as you require it.

The side-adjuster is an easy and elegant method to keep your pants in place without the necessity of belts. They are ideal for traveling because it’s one less thing you’ll forget to bring and you don’t have to problem or stress about matching the color of your belt with your shoes.

Rolled Hem

The hem is the top and the end of the trouser legs. It is generally unfinished or finished to determine the right length to be suitable for each gentleman. The majority of flannel-style trousers feature an hem that is rolled to 2-5cm in order to give a stunning finished, layered look to the trousers . It also helps distinguish them from formal-wear trousers.

Our trouser collection is available in finished and unfinished choices. Our finished trousers are finished with a 4cm waist, but if this isn’t your preferred style, opt for our unfinished version that allows the tailor to tailor to meet your specific requirements using either a plain or a cuff in any length.

Benefits of Flannel Over Other Fabrics

Casual Attractive

Flannel provides texture and warmth in its appearance, design and feel. It can also be stylized and worn casually in comparison to more formal fabrics such as silk and sateen.


The flannel material has an easy and smooth finish yet still offers an elegant and warm look against summer-time fabrics like linen and cotton that are lightweight. It is therefore possible to wear flannel with ease on many occasions, like weddings formal dinners or casual luncheon settings.

Soft feel of the hand
The size of woollen flannel flannel is very small with shorter hairs, resulting in extremely soft yarns with a delicate texture. It also means that you will experience less itching as the density of the fibers is higher than worsted wool and thus the surface won’t be rough. This will give a soft touch to your skin.


Wool fabric is naturally insulation properties that keep you warm and appear stylish in the same time.

One of the primary reasons wool is able to keep your body warm is because it does not draw warmth away from your body. That is to say wool is not a good transporter of heat. The chemical and cellular structure of each wool fibre create this magical effect. Since wool fibres are naturally curvatures and bends they hold air in order to keep your body warm.

What to Wear with Flannel Trousers

The options are endless when it comes to how you can accessorize and dress up a pair grey flannel pants. They’ll look good with a casual jacket, and sneakers at the most basic side range. You could also wear the cable knit woollen jacket or loafers and an edgy navy blazer to create a more sophisticated look. Here we look at some timeless items to pair your flannel pants with.

Navy Jacket

Grey and navy are the perfect shades that are both cool and sophisticated They work in all masculine settings. Navy jackets can be worn in a way that is more formal or casual, according to the top or sweater to be layered. Flannel trousers give texture and warmth to the look. They will help you transition from office to dinner.

Rollneck Cashmere

Cashmere is among the softest fabrics on the market Its warm and cozy nature of the fabric are perfect with the flannel trouser. Choose neutral colors in browns, creams, or greys to create the perfect fall outfit.

White Oxford Shirt

Oxford shirts are made of cotton twill that is great to pair with flannel pants since they can be styled up or down based what the situation demands. If worn with a jacket they provide a classic style which is perfect for any pair of flannel trousers. A collar with an open design gives a casual appearance while a button-down collar with a grey cashmere tie is an elegant outfit that can be worn with any formal attire. Wear your trousers.


Flannel is among the most classic fabrics for menswear that are that is widely used for trousers, creating an elegant, soft, and luxurious look. Our flannel-style trousers make the perfect fit made from the highest quality Loro Piana fabrics from Italy along with classic features like pleat-lapels as well as side adjustmenters.