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Why Your Room Needs an Oversized Rug

They are not just statement furniture, but they can help bring a room together, divide it, or even add the comfort element.

Most of us would probably agree that a room without a rug can feel unfinished, and most of us probably veer to the standard ‘just-larger-than-the-coffee-table’ size. Are we missing an opportunity by thinking that we are only that our rooms are small? Rugs that are large demonstrate that large is gorgeous.

Let luxe rule

The sheer size of a huge rug will instantly create a feeling of luxury to your area. And, as this beautiful living room demonstrates that an over-sized rug should not be limited to large spaces. While the rug is small, it can make a room feel uneasy and, consequently, smaller, a larger design could result in the opposite. Imagine the way a rug such as this will shield your floorboards from draughts during the winter. Bliss.

Are you afraid to conceal the beautiful wood flooring? This custom-made rug makes the floorboards shine as well. If you’re getting a custom design created, make use of masking tape to sketch out the right size rug and make sure that the furniture you want to put on it.

Liven up a dead space

The long leather sofa, the pedestal table, and the look-at-us yellow bentwood chairs are the major participants in this lounge If it weren’t for the huge circular rug, the entire set could appear a bit sloppy and not secured. It is important to give style points when choosing a circular pattern to complement the table. If you are in a place with high traffic like an entrance hall rug should be secured using the use of a rug grip that is non-slip. This will help the rug remain neat with no folds.

Layer them

Are you drawn to what you see in a huge rug, but are you renting and concerned about buying one that is suitable for the current space but will not work in the next one? It’s possible to layer in this case. Two rugs that are average in size combined give you the luxurious appearance of an over-sized rug. If you relocate, you can choose to use the two together or in separate rooms.

Make sure your carpet is protected (and increase the interest)

Have you inherited a stain-resistant, pale carpet in your living area? Perhaps you laid one down prior to having kids? It is possible to keep your carpet (and the room-enhancing neutral appearance it provides) by pairing it with a flooring with a more tolerant neutral shade. The grey flat-pile rug is a great choice since it conceals numerous sins and it is able to shake off dirt with ease. I love the idea of having another rug, too as it gives a cozy and bohemian vibe to your space. You needn’t worry about it shifting around as it’s base rug is going to hold it on its feet. It’s smart in every way.

You’ll be in the zone

Large rugs London are great to break up an open-plan area like this. In a space that serves as a dining, living or kitchen area the rug will define each space. Before buying, make sure that the rug used is suitable for dining areas. It should be big enough to allow the chairs that are pulled back , but still rest in the carpet. If you have hardwood floors, they’ll be protected from the scratches caused by chairs.

Bring it into the bedroom

Carpet? Wooden floor? Do you really need to debate which one to choose for your bedroom when you could enjoy the advantages of both by choosing an over-sized rug. You’ll enjoy getting out onto a soft, warm surface when you wake up and also the natural beauty that a wooden flooring can bring. Additional benefits? Then there’s the issue of the soundproofing. The carpet absorbs sound which means that if you’re in a basement or in a flat on top, the pounding of your feet will be dispersed.