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Best alloys for a VW T6 Transporter

It is essential to research the most suitable Transporter alloy wheels in order to have the right fitting and correct specifications.

Many of the buyers of VW T6 choose not to purchase the upgrades to their wheels that VW offers and instead opt to look around the market to find out what else is available.

The primary reason is that the selection is greater in the market for alloy specialists as well as the savings in cost since the costs for upgrading wheels that are directly connected to VW are often very high.

Where can I find the most suitable alloys for a Volkswagen T6?

If you look for VW T6 alloys on Google there are a lot of sellers offering VW T6 alloys. A lot of them are excellent but they are expensive.

If you buy alloys and tyres it’s not just that it will cost less, but you also get the option to return them in the event that they don’t match your expectations or don’t appear as you expected!

Removing the wheels and tyres separately is a real pain I can imagine, especially when you’ve installed them on the wheels already.

Can Range Rover Alloy wheels fit to a VW T6?

Yes, they are! You’ll need to alter the bolts on the wheels. You will also require spigots to alter the centre bores of your wheel to accommodate the hub of T6. It is possible to purchase cheap fitting kits from Amazon to make the process easier.

What kind of alloy can fit in a VW T6?

As a guideline, you should be able to take sixteen” until 22″ inch “fairly comfortably” The larger the wheel , the lower the size of the tyre you’ll require and the less comfortable the ride (especially when you’re riding over potholes).

The most recent VW T6.1 is offered with the optional option to upgrade to factory-fitted 22” alloys.

If you’re planning to purchase anything greater than the 22″ There is the chance that you’ll experience friction of the tyres against your arches with full lock therefore it is essential to make sure that the and wheel and tyre you purchase isn’t causing this.

Do VW T6 Alloys fit to a T5?

Yes! It’s important to note that the VW T6, VW Amarok (2010 from now onwards) as well as the VW T5 (03 to 10) have the same PCD and central bore, which means they can be fitted directly onto a T6 and the reverse is true.

Installing 16″ all the way to”

The majority of VW T6 alloys that I encounter on the roads of the UK will fall within the bracket. Wheels that are up to 18″ will bolt directly onto the VW T6 without any concerns regarding clearance of the arch.

Additionally, VW themselves specify that anything more than 18″ can cause the warranty to be invalidated. It is also true that one are able to purchase a brand new VW T6 equipped with alloys as long as 18″ is a strong argument in this direction.

It is essential to bear to your mind the bigger the wheels that you can fit, the more it affects the transmission, handling, acceleration and the final impact to the motor (all even if it’s minimal).

This doesn’t hinder anyone from getting higher than 18″ and, if you’re beyond your VW warranty in any way, it’s likely that you don’t need to worry.

Fitting 19″ to up to 22″

Okay, let’s be real here. If you’re wearing anything larger than” and most certainly, above 20″ the arguments for practicality are ineffective and useless for you!

If you’re considering larger than the 18″ alloys If so, you’re more worried about the appearance of your vehicle than the ride’s comfort or handling. If this is true you should read this article.

In general, generally speaking, 19″ is safe enough. It’s only one inch more than what manufacturers advise and any additional inch of diameter could be taken care of with an a little smaller profile.

As you move into the 20″ plus range, you must be more cautious when it comes to your selection.

The VW T6 alloys have a load rating

Load rating is basically the weight at which wheels are tested to, and is the primary thing you need to consider when choosing your new wheels.

It is legally required (and MOT failure) to use wheels or tyres that don’t comply with the requirements for load of a vehicle.

Be extremely cautious about the load ratings of the T6 alloy you purchase.

I have observed an abundance of companies selling alloys that are more focused on securing the sale rather than making sure buyers are properly informed of their load ratings and appropriate use of the material they’re selling.

If the advertiser doesn’t specifically state, the load rating, then I’d suggest staying clear of them since this is not something you would want to make a mistake on.

Finding out your Load rating

This is a complex subject, but let us explain it in the simplest way possible:

The smallest rating you can be considering to use for wheels would be the weight of the axel divided by two (this is the amount of weight needed for each wheel).