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The advantages and disadvantages of car remapping

Remapping cars – also referred to as ‘chipping’ has become popular with drivers who value performance.

The procedure alters a automobile’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to control its rate of acceleration. Typically, car makers set limits on the vehicle as part of the factory setting. Remapping will overwrite those.

But, is it secure? Is remapping a car legal? Does it cancel insurance coverage or alter the value of resales? In this article, we will examine the benefits and drawbacks of remapping your car along with its future costs in both the short and long-term.

What is the term used to describe car reconfiguration?

As stated that car remapping is a procedure which alters the functions of the car’s ECU. The ECU is the one that controls the performance of the engine and is able to restrict how much power the engine consumes.

Manufacturers utilize the ECU to customize the kind of driving experience they like and to meet the driving rules. Utilizing an ECU could extend the vehicle’s life, because it protects an engine’s performance from becoming overly hard. Also, it prolongs the durability of the engine. If it’s engine’s capabilities are restricted within a particular model, it is able to be used again in a new model with less restrictions on it.

Sometimes, though this can be slightly too slow for certain drivers. This is the reason why car remapping is so important.

Before we discuss the process of car remapping, it’s crucial to mention that it should be performed by a certified professional. If you attempt to do this yourself, it could damage your engine and cause dangers in the roadway.

Remapping is a lengthy procedure, but in basic terms, it’s changing the microchip of an engine in a car. The change removes the limitations on the engine. This means that the driver is able to design an experience that is perfect for the vehicle. There are three main stages to consider:

Modifications and tweaks, making small adjustments to the experience of driving.
In addition, you can make physical changes such as spoilers and coilovers.
Fully optimizing the engine to ensure the best performance.

Remapping cars can be compared to tuning, and it is usually provided as a service in it.

How much does remapping cost?

The cost for remapping varies on the car’s model and make. model.

Prices may vary if you decide to go with an auto map switch. There are times when drivers are split over the level of remapping is desired and may decide to install a switch that can switch between different remaps.

The actual cost of remapping it’s not the upfront cost but what you could be required to pay over time.

Does remapping affect insurance?

Most insurance companies will tell you that the remapping of a car can affect your insurance premiums. Insurance companies don’t like the idea of changes, and repapping can be a significant alteration to the car’s overall safety, speed, etc.

However, the expense of this insurance can be increased by other aspects. For instance, if are a new driver or a new car owner, then remapping your vehicle can increase your insurance more. In itself an increase in the cost of insurance might be acceptable, however when your insurance is already expensive, be prepared for a substantial increase.

The remapping of your car is considered to be as a modification. That means that if do not inform your insurance company of the modification, it could cause your insurance to be cancelled. If you don’t inform them, it could result in driving on a policy that is invalid.

It’s important to remember that changing your car could affect your financing agreement If you have one, therefore you’ll need to consult with your financial institution prior to making any changes as well.

Is remapping a vehicle a crime?

“Is it legal to remap a car?” is a common query from car modders who are novices. There is currently no law prohibiting the remapping of cars, however it is advised to be done by a skilled professional.

The only thing that you have to do following the remapping process is notify your insurance company about the changes.

Benefits of car mapping

Performance is the main reason people change their vehicle’s maps. But, there are other benefits as well.

Sometimes, remapping may increase fuel efficiency too. If the car is naturally more efficient and has better performance it is less likely to need to hit the accelerator less. This will naturally increase a car’s efficiency and performance on the road.

Some remaps don’t focus on speed or acceleration also. Remaps can enhance handling, making the car more comfortable to drive.

The performance boost can enhance the ability of a vehicle to tow and makes it ideal for holidays and staycations.

Advantages of car mapping

The cost of insurance aside, car swapping can have a few negatives. In general, the negatives of remapping cars include:

Remapping can only benefit turbo engines. There are significant losses for remapping non-turbo engines.
The strain on the engine from remapped vehicles is much greater, due to the increased performance, speed and power of the engine.
It is easier to speed when you have remapped your car.
Sometimes, drivers require higher octane fuel to operate their vehicle that is usually more expensive.

Like cars, the decision if the remapping process is worthwhile is your decision. For the majority of drivers, however it’s better to stick with an unmodified, basic vehicle.