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What Is ECU Remapping?

The pros and cons car mapping, Do you know that the engine in your vehicle has had its power output deliberately limited from the factory?

This is due to manufacturers being required to meet various conditions and different users across the world , and must account for the following scenarios:

Certain countries that aren’t part of Europe provide only low octane or substandard fuels.

Certain car owners fail to follow the recommended service schedules.

Low and high altitudes too must be considered.

Another reason could be due to the low emissions zones.

Manufacturers like BMW have a tendency to restrict certain engines using specific maps for every product. The majority of power maps BMW employs are identical physically and the chosen ECU tunes can increase or decrease the power output in line with the demand of their customers. Consider the early Mini One and Cooper as an excellent example. These two vehicles share the same engine, but with a difference of 25bhp in the power output. This is just the result of a different ECU program that was selected by BMW. It is possible to choose to take an Mini One over and above Cooper specifications by way of an upgrade that provides it with 30 extra horsepower.

The good thing is that these limitations do not have to be imposed for any model of the models in the BMW models. If we can remove these restrictions, we can optimize the performance of your vehicle’s engine to the maximum extent possible. This is called the remapping.

What exactly is ECU Remapping?

Remapping is a practical and effective solution for replacing files or microchips within the car’s ECU by rewriting the current settings using external software. Electronic engine control units (ECU) serves as the central component of an engine’s management system. It controls airflow, the supply of fuel in the fuel system, and ignition.

If the settings of your vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) are changed, it lets you exceed the limitations that are set by the manufacturer to make the most of your engine.

ECU software reprogramming is regarded as to be one of the most effective solutions for car owners of all kinds.

The Pro’s

changing the mapping of the vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit) and thereby achieving a significant improvement in driveability, smoothness as well as power, throttle response, torque and MPG. Its “flat places” (usually at least two) which are intentionally incorporated to the curve of power in the factory (so that the engine can meet emissions or noise rules at the specific RPMs) Also, they are removed.

The latest software is able to be converted back to the original map at any point.

Can Vehicle Remapping Enhance Fuel Efficiency?

As per popular opinion the fact that vehicle remapping can boost fuel efficiency, however the habits of driving people who are avid about it speak for themselves. This is why it’s dependent on each individual. A majority of drivers want to modify their vehicle don’t overlook the chance to utilize their vehicle to its maximum potential. They love putting their foot to the metal as well as high-speed driving, and thus ignore the the increased use of fuel.

Another element that can affect fuel efficiency is the need to purchase higher octane gasoline for the vehicle you have just remapped.

What are the cons of Remapping?

Like everything else you will encounter pros and cons to every option, you must decide for yourself to determine if it’s the right choice for you. Here are some of the cons we’ve seen:

The potential impact on your Insurance The potential impact on your insurance premium. Similar to any other modification to your car it is required to be able to declare ECU chip tuning to your insurance company. not informing insurance companies may be not legal in certain countries. If the information is discovered at a later time, it could invalidate the policy and result in not paying out if you need to. If you openly inform the insurance provider, they will inquire from you what the increase is in percentages and then make a decision on whether to keep you insured or not.

Manufactures Warranty: If your vehicle still falls within the manufacturer’s warranty You may discover that certain manufacturers will not the payment of certain items when an remap replaces the default map program in the ECU. Insurance companies and manufacturers will look for any reason that would prevent them from making a pay, so consider this when you are looking for an Remap.