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8 Benefits of Buying a Home in Turkey

For foreigners, purchasing homes in Turkey is a popular choice for a long time. In recent years the number of nationalities has increased. been flocking to Turkey, in order to avail of low prices and, in certain cases even the Turkish citizenship benefit. The reasons for buying vary. One of the most well-known is the holiday home owner who buys a house to enjoy more holidays, and with no cost of accommodation. They designed themselves a dream home in the comfort of their home.

The other is retired people who prefer a more simple and affordable lifestyle in a country that offers healthy weather and good healthcare. In the end, investors as well as business owners and developers who purchase properties or land to improve, rent out or use as holiday homes often fall into the market for real estate.

For all types of investors purchasing real estate in Turkey is an excellent option in numerous ways. First of all it is that property in Turkey is typically cheaper than those in countries like the EU as well as in the Gulf States. Buyers of homes in Turkey can also enjoy their living costs, which is much lower than in the western nations. The slow pace of life, nutritious food choices, and the high temperatures in summer are all attractive advantages. Whatever the reason behind buying property overseas here are 8 more reasons to choose property for sale Turkey.

1.) Home Prices When compared

Anyone who is an EU property owner is aware that purchasing homes is expensive. After the cost of the property you should consider closing costs such as survey costs, attorney charges, stamp duty, and other renovation costs. The prices of property in Turkey aren’t too expensive, especially when compared with falling European destinations, which means that gorgeous luxury apartments or villas won’t cost a fortune. A lot of new construction homes have top-quality decor like beautiful marble floors and gorgeous tiled bathrooms. If you take the exchange rate into consideration, you will get plenty of house in the price you pay regardless of what the purchase procedure is expensive. In many regions of Turkey the cost of an apartment with three or four bedrooms house is the same price as the cost of a UK one-bedroom home.

2.) 2) Holiday Climate in Turkey

Vitamin D is an effective supplement to improve our health and well-being The vitamin D is obtained from sun. On the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, retired people can look at three hundred days of sun each year. However, there is no guarantee that a nation’s weather is ideal. Turkey is prone to rain, just like many other countries do, but it isn’t always a hard and heavy, however warm temperatures can be enjoyed all year long throughout this stretch of the Turkish Riviera with winter rarely falling below 5 degrees Celsius. Are you thinking of going to spend Christmas or the new year at the beach? The stunning climate is just one of the main reasons why many people decide to become an initial purchaser in Turkey.

3.) Cost of Living

The majority of things in Turkey is significantly cheaper than other countries. Gas and electricity and council tax, as well as repairs, maintenance and food and drinks as well as everyday food items, and transportation are less expensive than other countries. Therefore, it’s not just that property is cheaper, but the operating costs are lower and leave anyone who buys the house with enough money to enjoy the many advantages Turkey offers.

4.) Cost of a House to Invest

No matter what your taste is, whether you are a splurge or have budget-friendly finances, a range of housing options can accommodate all styles of living. In Turkey the options for property range from a simple one-bedroom home to luxurious five or 6-bedroom villas that have gorgeous grounds and private pools. Decors can be simple and basic, which will save costs as well as extravagant and of top quality. Even the most extravagant residences in Turkey are only a tiny less than the cost of other countries and options for budget-friendly homes like one-bedroom apartments with a shared pool can cost at as low as PS45,000. In fact, the market for property is a good long-term investment.

Five) Easy Access

The best way to buy a home to live in Turkey is to access an affordable, reliable, and efficient transportation network. With easy access to many airports throughout the year the journey back home is usually within an hour for the most popular destinations. Trains are regularly running between major cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Dolmus buses are a good option to travel locally as well as the main bus routes to travel to major cities. Travel by air is common and affordable within Turkey and most airports offering international flights too.

6) Residency, property ownership and Citizenship

It is not necessary to be a homebuyer to obtain residency, however, the majority of homeowners do so that they can stay for longer periods of time in Turkey. In addition, some homebuyers decide applying for Turkish citizenship that requires different requirements to meet. (More on applying for Turkish citizenship through a real property investment.) It is also possible to purchase a modest studio apartment that is available in Istanbul for example and still be able to seek a residency permit in Turkey that can be renewed every year. The Turkish housing market also works through the ‘freehold owner deed’ for properties. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny apartment or detached house, you are the sole owner of the property. This provides a lot more freedom in the process of renovating or selling the property.

7.) Turkish Food

If it’s a fancy eatery or at a local lokanta customers can always count on good quality genuine Turkish food. One of the benefits that comes with being a homeowner in Turkey is that it is healthy and delicious food. The produce grown locally is fresh, making it healthier than the food you can find at the supermarkets at home. Also, the gorgeous Turkish sun is equally beneficial for local grown fruits and vegetables too. The majority of areas in Turkey prefer local eateries. The first meal of the day should set your mood for the rest of the day ahead, and breakfast in a Turkish breakfast can do just what it says. With a tasty cup made of Turkish tea, it’s the perfect healthy food.

8.) Between Istanbul to Antalya

Turkey is a nation with many thousands of years of history which dates from the Roman Empire and the latest Ottoman Empire. It’s not just in Istanbul’s former capital or near Istanbul’s Ephesus ancient ruins, or the amazing caves in Cappadocia the fascinating history of Turkey is all over. In any part of Turkey is just a few steps away from the past with the remains scattered throughout the country. Walking on paths leads to charming little places of buildings that are not restored and have the past’s prosperity. In the last couple of years, archaeologists have discovered more and more abandoned buildings, and local councils have restored, renovated and then opened them up for public viewing. It’s not just old-fashioned history that attracts visitors. Even the past of recent times is fascinating like the 20th century Greco-Turkish war as well as the exchange of population that has left a number of old Greek cities in the middle of Turkey.

For More Information on Home purchasing

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