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What Are the Benefits of Solar Panels in the UK?

What are the major advantages and pros and On the positive side, solar power can lower your energy costs as well as increase the value of your property selling back electricity, ensure you are protected from increasing energy costs and cut down on carbon emissions. On the other hand solar energy may not work for every roof. It isn’t a good option if you’re planning moving, it offers less return on investment when you only have a modest electric bill. The initial costs are high and finding the best installer can be a challenge. Here is a summary of the top benefits and drawbacks of the renewable energy source:

Solar energy increases property value

Many millions of UK homeowners are intrigued by solar panels, but haven’t yet taken the time to research how to set up the panels. This is a common perception among consumers and the undisputed advantages of having solar panels in a house, is in line with recent research that have found that home values increase when solar panels are installed. Studies have shown that energy-saving measures can boost home prices by as much as 14 percent. The DECC discovered that energy-saving home improvements, like solar panels, can increase the value of your home by an average of $16,000. If you’re not planning on shifting in the next few years, you’ll be earning back the solar panel investment and even more in the event of selling your home.

Independence Off The Grid

Solar power offers the wonderful advantage that it provides energy independence. The ‘fuel’ used generate solar energy is not purchased or controlled by a single entity, so it’s free for everyone to utilize. When you have solar panels set up, you have a completely independent source of power that is yours to use. This should not be looked over and is vital to the future of not just for you, but also for businesses cities, towns and even countries.

Lowers Electricity Bills

Because you’ll be able to meet the energy needs of your home by using the energy the solar system generates and your energy costs will decrease. The amount you reduce your energy bill will depend upon the capacity of your solar array and the power or heating usage. Additionally, in addition to the fact that you save on your electric bill, but there’s also the possibility of receiving payment for energy surplus which you export to grid. If you produce more electricity than you consume (considering how your solar panels are connected to the grid).

Sell Back Electricity

If your system generates more energy than what you need with the help of the generous tariff programs you can return the excess energy into the grid. In addition to decreasing your utility bill and reducing your carbon footprint, investing in solar panels will provide you with a an assurance for a guaranteed state-backed income for the coming 20 years.

Renewable Energy

The switch to solar energy reduces the carbon footprint of your home, since it is a clean, renewable energy source. In contrast to traditional generators of electricity, solar power doesn’t emit CO2 that is harmful (CO2) and other harmful pollutants. It is estimated that solar panels on homes could help save about 1 tonne CO2 every year, which is around 25 tonnes over the course of its life.