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Why You Need a Koi Pond in Your Backyard

With a koi-pond at your back, you’ll be able to bring the tranquility from the Far East into day. Koi ponds are usually built and designed to bring an energizing and peaceful vibe to homes. Owners of koi ponds have said they have experienced stress relief, relaxation as well as higher property values as among the many advantages of koi ponds.

What exactly is a koi pond?

Koi ponds are basically an enormous tank for koi to bathe in. Koi ponds are constructed with care with walls that extend straight down so that predators are not able to be able to enter the pond. The ponds are also constructed to create a specific environment and energy that is closely related to the koi. A few people prefer koi-friendly lakes that are free of gravel, rocks, or aquatic plant life, which gives the fish an unobstructed view the koi, and permitting the koi’s growth to a greater size. But, many prefer their koi raised in a hybrid water pond, which looks like the appearance of a water garden but it’s filtered to look like an Koi water pond. Koi can be successfully raised in both kinds of ponds.

The Story of Koi

Koi ponds have existed for a long time and a practice that started in the 17th century of Japan. Koi also known as Nishikigoi are the cousins from the carp that is commonly found. The idea was sparked by Chinese rice farmers that kept fish in rice pads Japanese rice farmers started to practice the same thing. However the Japanese farmers noticed a different coloration in the carp. The carp were spotted with a variety of vibrant colors in contrast to the brown hue of the majority of carp. With selective breeding more “mutant” carp that had vibrant patterns and colors were born. The carp that are brightly colored are referred to as Koi. The practice spread into Europe as well as North America in 20th Century.

Why should you have an Koi Pond in Your Backyard?

Many people believe that they are lucky and strong. Japanese tradition is devoted to the koi fish and it’s connection to luck and fortune. They also are associated with “perseverance through adversity” and “strength of spirit”. One reason that the koi squid is so important to Japanese tradition is that they are known to swim through the stream regardless of the circumstances, which indicates that they will never retreat from a task.

They are beautiful in their own way. Imagine inviting guests to an evening of relaxation and cocktails in your backyard and the sight of gorgeous, vibrantly colored and distinctively patterned Koi. The guests you invite will surely be amazed and amazed by the attractive creatures.

Koi ponds are a great way to relieve stress. Being in a peaceful and joyful backyard is an ideal way to relieve anxiety and connecting with your inner self. Koi Pond owners usually feel refreshed after spending time in the midst of their pond.

Koi fish are an easy-care pet. A lot of owners of ponds for Koi grow in love with the vibrantly colored fish. It’s as if they have a pet but they’re outdoors all year and require less maintenance than a cat or dog would.

They can increase your property’s value. Real estate agents will inform you that koi lakes can increase value and “marketability” to a house. They’re a desirable feature for prospective buyers and have a significant impact on the speed at which homes sell and at what level. It’s the exotic look of koi-ponds that makes buyers feel like they are paying more.

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