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Top Advantages of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has become a top platform for boosting productivity both at home and at work. If it’s managing emails using Outlook or creating analysis spreadsheets with Excel, Office has made performing a variety of computer-related tasks easier for everyone of us.

Here are the top advantages of the software:

1. Universal Software

Microsoft Office is now compatible with mobile phones after they have recently launched Office Mobile, which offers free versions of Office applications that are compatible with mobile devices. Microsoft also offers Office Online as an online version of the Microsoft’s core Office applications, and is available as part of an account with a Microsoft account.

Since the beginning, Office has been compatible with Apple’s MacOS the move was at the time questioned because of competing interests that existed between Apple and Microsoft and Microsoft, but has proved to be a win-win that both technology giants.

2. Utilized by more than 1.2 billion people and by the vast majority of companies

What a ridiculous figure.

For a better understanding That’s around twenty percent population using Microsoft Office 365. This number of people isn’t in error.

Recent data has revealed that the proportion of companies that have at least 100 users went from 87 percent to 91% and the usage of enterprises increased by more than 320%..

These numbers demonstrate that Microsoft has successfully reinvented Office as a cloud-based program that can be used from anywhere. Which is why I am saying…

3. Office 365 offers anytime, anyplace access

What a wonderful coincidence! You can’t even write this type of thing. You can do it, as I have done.

Office 365 was developed so Microsoft could adopt cloud-based technology but still provide the services they already offer. It is accessible from any location so long as that you’ve got access to an Office 365 login (for example your employer for) Your subscription will let you use Microsoft Office applications on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

4. Microsoft Online Customer Support

When you sign up for the purchase of an Office membership, you receive support from Microsoft as well. They offer a wealth of support to anyone who wants to maximize the benefits of their program and is an essential way to increase your productivity and the use of the software.

5. Simple to make use of

Office applications can be utilized to perform complex tasks, based on the method you choose to utilize the software. However, one of the most notable advantages of Office is that it is able to be used by users who are of any age to make it easier to perform processes and boost productivity. This is the main reason why it was created initially.

6. Multipurpose

You want to keep track of your accounts or looking at business data? Excel is a great tool for this. Making a cover letter? Word is a great tool for this. Do you need to write a business proposal, or a presentation? PowerPoint can help you with this.

Microsoft Office is the best suite of software to meet your goals for business or personal due to its capacity to be able to adjust to your requirements.

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7. Security

There’s been a lot of recent news about the growing risk of cyberattacks. The sophistication of cyberattacks is increasing and in size.

Relax and unwind. Relax.

Microsoft has assumed the obligation to ensure that your information and data safe. The data that is that is stored on the cloud are stored in Microsoft’s data centres. They provide live security scans of documents and messages to identify cyber security risks which makes it one of the most secure cloud services on the market.

8. Tutorials

Are you seeking to increase your skills in Office? Easy. All you have to do is enroll to a class on the subject you would like to specialize in.